Introducing the new Columbia Middle School Math Circle

October 25, 2009

Welcome to the new blog for the Columbia Middle School Math Circle.

The Columbia Middle School Math Circle  is led by John Rushman (formerly of Crayton Middle School and 8-time State Mathcounts Coach), Patrick Rybarczyk (of A.C. Flora High School and head All-State Math Team coach), and Marcus Neal (of Hammond School and assistant All-State Math Team coach).  It is a follow-up to the successful Columbia (High School) Math Circles that we have been organizing since the fall of 2008.

The focus of the Middle School Math Circle is to develop mathematics and problem solving skills in young students. They will be exposed to mathematics beyond what they see in the classroom, and we will help them to develop strategies and creative insight for solving challenging mathematics problems. We will also work with students who are preparing for state and national mathematics contests such as MOEMS, Mathcounts, and the AMC-8. We hope that it will be an exciting challenge for Middle School students who love mathematics and creative problem solving.

The dates for the next three Math Circles are Saturdays, November 14th, December 12th, and January 9th (that’s the 2nd Saturday of each month) from 9am-12noon.

The meetings are held at Hammond School (854 Galway Lane, Columbia, SC 29209). The cost of the Math Circle is $25 per student for each meeting. Middle School teachers are also welcome to attend with their students. There is no cost to teachers.

Please bookmark this Blog and follow it for more information about the Math Circle and for links to great math content for Middle School students.

Marcus Neal


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