Spring Art of Problem Solving Classes

January 12, 2011

Art of Problem Solving has 11 math and computer science courses starting this February and March. The full schedule for these courses, as well as for our summer courses, can be found here:


The following courses will start in the next 8 weeks:

Introduction level (Grades 6-10):

Algebra 1
Introduction to Counting & Probability
Introduction to Number Theory
Algebra 2
Introduction to Geometry
Introduction to Programming

Intermediate level (Grades 8-12):

Intermediate Counting & Probability
Special AIME Problem Seminar


Olympiad Geometry

The Olympiad Geometry course starts February 2, the Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 courses start in mid-February, and the remaining classes start in mid-March. Most of these courses meet weekly online, at 7:30 – 9 PM ET (4:30 – 6 PM PT). For specific dates, times, and more information on the courses, visit


Our courses offer full transcripts for each class, so if you’re going to miss some classes, you’ll still have access to everything that happened in class. Moreover, you’ll be able to use the class message board to ask any questions you have outside of class time. If you have any questions about any Art of Problem Solving classes, please contact us at classes@artofproblemsolving.com.


Richard Rusczyk


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