Middle School Math Circle on Saturday, June 23rd

June 20, 2012

Greetings Everyone,

The next Middle School Math Circle meeting will be on this Saturday, June 23rd at Hammond School from 9am to 12 noon. The cost for the Math Circle is $25 for each student. Rising 9th graders are still encouraged to participate in the Middle School Math Circle until the High School Math Circle begins again in September. For those students that have been before, please bring with you your book, Competition Math for Middle School, as well as your problems from the last Math Circle meeting. Please note that due to a conflict we’ve had to cancel the meeting that we were planning for Saturday, August 4th. However, the subsequent meeting scheduled for Saturday, Austust 25th is still planned.

Normally it’s not necessary for people to pre-register for Math Circle meetings, but for the summer meetings it would be nice to know how many students to expect. So if you receive this e-mail and you intend to come to the meeting this Saturday, please shoot me a reply to let me know. Feel free to spread the word about the Math Circle to anyone that you think may be interested.

If you’re looking for some good math problems to ponder, head over to the Art of Problem Solving’s online Forum:

http://www.artofproblemsolving.com/Forum/index.php and look at the problems in their Middle School Forums. There are some very good problems and discussions there!

You can also start solving problems on your own from their problem database called Alcumus:


You can set focus topics for the questions you want to get (Prealgebra, Algebra, Geometry, Number Theory, or Counting and Probability), or you can leave them all active to get a full mix of topics. When you come across a question you don’t know how to solve, there are also great videos that you can watch discussing ideas from these topics :


Best Regards,

Marcus Neal


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