The Columbia Math Circles were started in 2008 by Patrick Rybarczyk (of A.C. Flora High School) and Marcus Neal (of Hammond School) as a way to encourage mathematical problem solving and mathematical research by talented students from across the area. Although it is called the Columbia Math Circle, we have students regularly attend from as far away as Florence, Greenville, and Charleston. The Math Circles meet approximately once per month from August until March.

In March, approximately 40 students from across the state are selected for the South Carolina All-State Math. The selection is based on AMC-10/12 scores and results from local math contests such as the USC (January), College of Charleston (February), and Furman (March) math contests. The All-State Math Team completes at the American Regions Math League (ARML) contest which is held in early June at the University of Georgia.

Though the All-State Math Team and the Columbia Math Circles have a great overlap in students, and are both led by Patrick and myself – they are distinct organizations. The All-State Math Team is sponsored by the South Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics and it’s practice sessions are by invitation only – while the Columbia Math Circles are open to all students who wish to attend.

Marcus Neal and Patrick Rybarczyk


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